What is an abscess?

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What Is an abscess?

When the immune system on your body deals with infection, it sens white blood cells to the infected area to remove the bacteria. If these white blood cells accumulated with enzymes and other destroyed cells and tissues cannot drain, it will form an abscess.

Abscesses are usually seen in gum tissue or teeth roots in the mouth. Normally they're caused by trauma. If you have less resistance against infection, you're more likely to develop an abscess. It may cause a severe toothache. Once the nerve is infected, and the abscess cannot drain, the infection can spread to other aread such as your head and neck.

When you visit our Issaquah dentist office for an abscess, we'll be able to diagnose a tooth abscess by a comprehensive exam. In order for us to check if the abscess is still alive, we perform a pulp test, suchas gentle tapping on the tooth, using an electric tester, and taking an x-ray.

Once the abscess drains, pain will decrease immediately. However, the cause of the abscess still needs to be eliminated.


Good oral habits can help you prevent abscesses, such as brushing and flossing at least twice a day.


Our dentists in Issaquah may try to drain the infection. Once the infected area is cleaned, a root canal or a tooth extraction can be necessary depending on the condition of the tooth to remove any diseased tissue.

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